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S'Wine Country BBQ


Gourmet Grill

"We Will Serve No S'Wine Before It's Time"

This has always been our motto. Good BBQ takes time, it cannot be rushed. We take pride in the fact that our meats take upto eighteen hours to smoke. These large cuts need time to arrive at the peak of tenderness and shorcuts are not an option!

S'Wine Country BBQ began in the backyards of friends. We simply wanted to get involved with the art of barbecue. We wanted to spend hours tending to large cuts of meat. Why? Because no one else wants to put in that kind of time. It takes a special kind of crazy to spend all day and night babysitting a smoker to ensure the temperature stays constant so that your prized hunk of pork or beef is the best it can be. We began competing in KCBS sanctioned competitions and local competitions. We won some judges awards and we were ecstatic. However, the one thing that excited us the most was that we were winning virtually every one of the "People's Choice Awards". It was clear that people liked what we were serving. It wasn't long before we had friends and family asking us to cook for them, Then one small catering job turned into two, and so on and so on. We finally decided, it was time to turn our hobby into a business. We officially launched in 2012 and have never looked back. From weddings to winery events to corporate events we have been absolutely thrilled with the response of people to our food. We put a lot of love in our food and hope that it shows to everyone that eats it. We wold love to have the opportunity to share that with you. Please contact us for your next event.

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